Diabetes Community Program

Diabetes Community Program

We AIMS is currently setting up multiple worker units across Peshawar to assist in the Primary Care level activities.

We aim to establish 92 AIMS units across the 92 Union Councils in the District of Peshawar which is home to nearly 4 million people. The units will have three main functions:

1. Raising awareness and help in the prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic risks among the population in KPK & Pakistan.

2. Gathering basic data in order to carry out research. Click here for more information.

3. Directing the ill towards AIMS Diabetes Hospital.

This project is called the NCD Programme, where NCD means 'Non-communicable diseases' which it essentially aims to reduce among the poulation in Pakistan.


Another Project that has been run by AIMS since its inception is the availability of low-cost healthcare in Health Camps set up in the far-flung areas of KPK - which is run by the Diabetes Community Team.

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