Peshawar Diabetes Hospital – Diabetes Association 2003 onwards

An important partnership which AIMS is currently part of is that with the Diabetes Association of KPK Click here. AIMS is currently managing the services being provided in the Peshawar Diabetes Hospital. The building and the land itself is owned by the Diabetes Association KPK. More than 20 years ago, Prof. Surgeon Muhammad Kabir took the initiative to build a Specialised Diabetes Hospital. With help from philanthropists & WHO, they were able to raise the required funds to build the Hospital. In 2003 AIMS had agreed to help in this endeavour via an MOU with the Diabetes Association KPK. The details of the plan can be found here Click here...

Community Diabetes Camps – Private Individuals 1998 onwards

One of AIMS’s greatest achievements is the consistent and ongoing Community Monthly Diabetes Camps throughout KPK since 1998, please click here for some photos.

  • AIMS has partnered with various private individuals to bring monthly medical camps to their respective villages.

  • The private individual agrees to pay for the expenditure of the camp once a month and also agrees to provide a local contact in the village. In 1998, the cost was approximately 3000 PKR for 1 event. This has risen to 20,000 PKR nowadays.

  • With the help of the local contact, a doctor, nurse, dispenser and social worker set up in a easily accessible location within the village by 0900. They aim to see 50-60 patients by 1300.

  • In some villages few patients also help with the expenditure by donating 50-100 PKR.

The districts/villages where such camps have regularly happened include:


Sufaid Dheri

Noudeh Payan



Christian Church

Hindu Mandar

Takht Bhai

Landi Kotal

Bara-Khyber Agency






Takht e Nasrati


The central figure on behalf of AIMS who has lead and maintained this activity is Mr. Ayaz Mujahid since 2001 to date. Himself a social worker and ex-chairman Union Council Toda Khazana, Mr. Ayaz Mujahid has also conducted diabetes camps periodically all over KPK, such as Malakand, Dir, Swat, Abbotabad, Mansehra & Batagram.

Other Campaigns

With the help of its Partners, AIMS has been in a great position to organise many events & campaigns for the people of Pakistan. The list below contains some of those events as well as some initiatives AIMS has begun since its inception.



Dates & Location


World Diabetes Day 2016 Local Government & Media 2016


AIMS DIABETES HOSPITAL & Research Center arranged a free diabetes camp at the eve of world diabetes day commemoration. Free consultation, foot care and nutrition advice's and medicines were provided to all patients. Senior doctors, medical students and representatives of medicine companies participated voluntarily in the camp. District Nazim Mr. Arbab Asim Khan Khalil paid his visit to the camp. Media personal were briefed about the available facilities at the hospital.

Diabetes Screening Camp PMIA Relief KPK & AIMS Pakistan

NOV, 2016

Hajji Banda, Sufaid Dheri, Nodeh Bala, Dora, Palosai, Pawaka, Hayatabad, Malakander, Mathra

PIMA & AIMS Pakistan started a joint project on diabetes awareness & screening in Peshawar, aiming to cover 12 Union Councils with a total population of arround 300,000 through weekly camps at 04 in each month for up to 03 months.

World Diabetes Day 2015

WHO, Dept of Health KPK, Diabetes Assoc, KMC, PMC, Northwest Gen Hosp, APMSO


World Diabetes Day was celebrated at the newly renovated Diabetes Hospital where free health checkups were provided to more than 2300 people.

Earthquake Relief Camps

Pakistan Islamic Medical Association


AIMS assisted in Diabetes and Gen. Medical camps for the people in Dir, Swat & Shingla during the time of the Earthquakes in 2015.

Flood Relief

Dubai UAE Professionals

2009 - 2010

AIMS PK contributed to relief work with a focus on health and prevention of diseases, including the provision of clean water & distribution of medicine. AIMS also helped in repairing hospitals and providing generators & fuel in affected districts.

Large Medical Camps

Lis Saail wal Mahroom

2008 - 2009

AIMS was successful in its application to organise large Medical Camps with the help of Lis Saail wal Mahroom.

Earthquake Relief

AIMS Int’l UK & Khyber Medical Assoc. UK

2005 - 2006

In response to the earthquake 2005, AIMS International UK, AIMS Pakistan and Khyber Medical Association UK jointly raised funding and support for the victims. This was used to help those in the affected areas mainly focusing in district Batagram, Thahkot and Kohistan.

Health Walk



AIMS organised a 7 km walk around Peshawar to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity in preventing illness.

Int’l Donors Conference

Dept for Int’l Development UK


AIMS managed the International Donors conference for the Government of NWFP

Research Ethics Board

Wellcome Trust UK


AIMS was involved in the formation of the Provincial Research Ethical Board KPK Pakistan

Health Mela

Dept of Nutrition Agriculture Univ. Peshawar


A mela was organised to raise food awareness among the people of Peshawar. Almost 2000 people attended.




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