Abaseen Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) came about from a group of close friends all pursuing their postgraduate studies in medicine. They wanted to give something back to their ‘homeland’, Pakistan. To this end, in 1996 they organised themselves as AIMS International in the UK and AIMS Pakistan in KPK, Pakistan. Both these charities provided the group with a platform to achieve their objectives.

Vision: Lead a comprehensive, quality assured and affordable diabetes healthcare institute.

Mission: Pool up resources for Diabetes and non-communicable disease (NCD) healthcare development with the help of the public and private sectors in KP and Pakistan.


  1. Provide high quality medical treatment and develop curative strategies for those who cannot afford treatment of Diabetes and other NCDs
  2. Integrate medical research, training and education for professionals
  3. Implement community health awareness, disease prevention strategies, advocacy campaigns for diabetes & NCDs and improve access to care


Our history spans nearly 20 years as well as a few countries. There have been many ups and even a few downs too!


Many people have blessed us with their help, guidance and resources. The AIMS family is diverse in all aspects; nationality, age and profession.


AIMS has had the pleasure of teaming up with many other organizations to help it in achieving its objectives.

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