The AIMS Executive Board has many functions including:

  1. Setting our future aims and priorities by focusing on strategic planning and governance.
  2. Deciding on policy formulation and strategic management.
  3. Evaluating our performance and progress in our work to empower communities and alleviate their suffering.
  4. Ensuring that we are in compliance with the regulatory policies that govern our work as an NGO while protecting our relationships with key stakeholders.

The top management provides the Executive Board with regular reports on performance, as well as annual financial reports, plans and budgets.

The Executive Board has 7 permanent members while honorary members are also inducted from time to time. The said board meets on quarterly basis to examine/monitor working of the organization and also chalk out development plans and other related strategies. The executive board is supported by a general body comprising of 15 to 20 members; mostly friends of patients with Diabetes, as well as technocratic and community philanthropists.

AIMS’s Executive Board includes physicians and community workers with a history of serving humanity irrespective of race, gender, color or language. The composition of present executive board formed in 2010 follows.


Dr. Zia Ul Hasan

A renowned specialist in Diabetes, Dr. Zia is one of the co-founders of AIMS. He was also General Secretary of Diabetes Association KPK from 2003 - 2010 and in 2015 became its President. He is continually striving to guarantee success in the various projects of AIMS.

Vice President

Engr. Abdul Salam

An engineer by Profession Mr. Salam has been serving AIMS for more than 10 years, providing financial oversight as well as overseeing the regulatory affairs of the organisation. 

General Secretary

Mr. Muhammed Ayaz

An exceptionally dedicated social worker, Mr Ayaz is a pioneering member of AIMS. He has worked under many designations for AIMS and currently leads the Community Programmes aimed at raising health awareness in the community.

Joint Secretary

Dr Malik Javed Iqbal

One of the founding members, Dr, Malik has over 20 years experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. He is currently on the Board as Joint Secretary.

Finance Secretary

Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan

A talented and energetic person, he is a consultant neurologist and also an executive member of DAP. He has been working with AIMS for more than ten years.

Executive Member

Dr. Saeed Anwar

Having extensive experience in Public Health, Dr. Saeed is a vital member of the AIMS family. He currently works in the Prime Institute of Public Health as a Project manager. In addition to many other responsibilities, Dr. Saeed is currently striving enable AIMS in contributing to the Public Health Sector in Pakistan.

Executive Member

Dr. Muhammad Ayaz

An energetic MBBS doctor with special knowledge and experience of treating patients with Diabetes, kind-hearted and dedicated to his profession. He is retired Medical Superintendent of WAPDA Hospital, Peshawar.

Executive Member

 Mr. Salim Khan Khalil




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