Medical Services

Peshawar Diabetes Hospital Program - Services

The core Hospital Services Include

  • Circle of Care*
  • Dental Service
    • Oral examination*
    • Filling
    • Scaling
    • Extraction
    • Root Canal Treatment
  • Laboratory  - for a list of our test Click here
  • Pharmacy - For a list of our medicines Click here

All of the above services are offered at a discounted rate relative to the market. The Circle of Care and Oral examination are exceptionally discounted.  AIMS believes that with these as our core services, the activities of the Hospital can be sustained. These core services are shown in the two leaflets below.

Finally, we also provide afternoon clinics with Specialist Endocrinologists, Dr. Fahim Ullah FCPS & Dr. Tahir Khattak FCPS.

Services Chart Services Chart
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