Future Plan

Future Plan

One of the major components of AIMS Diabetes Hospital and Research Centre is to gather useful data regarding diabetes from patients and make it available to medical services providers, policy and planning departments, health department, NGOs and general public for utilization to eliminate diabetes from Pakistan. 

In the long run, AIMS Diabetes Hospital and Research Centre, as the name indicates, aims to be a fully equipped, modern institute focusing on diabetes and working at the national level for diabetes care and evidence-based research. Our future plans are summarized in the figure below and more information about our Research Plan can be found here.

In order to meet future challenges, the following steps have been taken so far:

  • The hospital will be upgraded into a fully functional Centre of Excellence for Diabetes Care and a consultant has already been hired for feasibility assessment in this regard.
  • An Information System to record patient data is under way for evidence based care and research.
  • Planning is being done to add Cardiology, Pediatric, ENT and other services. These will not only supplement/complement the current services but will also contribute towards sustainability. The Laboratory will be upgraded to meet demand for additional services.
  • A bus will be purchased in order to transport patients from all UCs of Peshawar district to AIMS Hospital, as part of expansion plans.
  • A website of the hospital is also under construction, where data will be put in an easily accessible format for public use.


Our longer term future plan can be summarized as in the following chart.




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