Iftar Event 11/06/16 - Fundraising for AIMS

AIMS International - the UK Partner of AIMS-PK, organised an Iftar event on Saturday 11 June for the people of Bedford to raise much needed funds for the activities of AIMS-PK. Approximately 60 people came together to listen to 2 talks and also open their fasts. A representative from Diabetes UK, Mr. Abdul Rais, attended the event and gave a talk on the role that Diabetes plays for people who fast during Ramadan. It was a very informative discussion, where Mr. Rais first explained what Diabetes was, its complications and how we can avoid it. He then went on to mention the role of Diabetes in Ramadan, and emphasised the need for people to consult their GP's/Endocrinologists before embarking on the task of fasting. AIMS would like to give special thanks to Mr. Abdul Rais for his time. 

A young volunteer, Mr. Hikmatyar Hasan, from AIMS-PK also attended the event to bring people up to date on the current activites in Pakistan, in particular the Hospital activites. A presentation was given and people were asked to help in anyway they can whether that may be donating money or their experties/time to help in the activities of AIMS-PK. 

Finally, a special thanks to Dr. Amjad Ali, President of AIMS-International, who organised the fundraising event.

Free Medical Camp 19/05/16 - Cantonement Hospital, Peshawar

AIMS, in collabaration with HEAC International ( and the Endocrinology unit of Hayatabad Medical Complex, held a medical camp on 19 May 2016, with a focus on Diabetes patients. 

Leading endocrinologists comprising Dr. AH Amir, Dr. Ashfaq Ali, Dr Mohammad Farhan and neurophysician Dr Shaukat Hayat conducted free consultations with visiting patients. 

Approximately 400 patients, mostly females, were given free insulin and medicine donated by AIMS and HEAC. 

The AIMS team also conducted counselling sessions, led by Dr. Zia Ul Hasan and his team. They emphasised the need for timely treatment of Diabetes as well as its prevention with a healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco. 

AIMS's Community Program representatives Mr Ayaz Mujahid & Mr Firdous Khan and a team of 50 volunteers from Khyber Girls Medical College also helped in organising the camp.


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