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  •      Individual as well as patients group education
    • DESMOND-(Diabetes Education & Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed Patients

      AIMS launched an educational program for ongoing and newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients at Diabetes Hospital & Research Center Hayatabad.The Purpose of this programme includes patients' education about diabetes and self management for this long term condition.

      Dr. Hamza who is an MRCP in Diabetes and Endocrine leads this programme.

      Timing: 01:00 to 02:00 PM

      Day: Every Wednesday

  •      Diabetes clinical consultation with a doctor
    •        We aim to provide high standad of care. Our experience doctors will provide you the upto date treatement about diabetes and they are         capable of dealing with its complications.

  •      Pre pregnancy counselling and diabetes in pregnancy management
    •         We aim to have tight control of blood sugar for young women planning pregnancy to have best outcomes. In ladies with diabetes who        are pregnant, we follow them very closely along with an obstetrician to prevent foetal and maternal complications. This guideline         covers managing diabetes and its complications in women who are planning pregnancy or are already pregnant. It aims to improve the        diagnosis of gestational diabetes and help women with diabetes to self-manage their blood glucose levels before and during pregnancy.

  •      Insulin Pump service
    •         We have the expertise of initiating and monitoring insulin pump for type 1 diabetes who qualify insulin pump criteria.


  •      Feet check up and dealing with feet problems
    •         Our circle of care comprises feet check for every new patient. We follow NICE guidance for categorising feet risk. Furthermore, we have         dedicated foot clinic lead by a consultant every Thursday moning where we deal with all diabetes related foot problem.

  •      Eye screening
    •      Currently Eye screening is a part of our "Circle of Care". We check the fundus of every new patient and annualy if no issues. If any         treatment needed at any stage, we have a consultant Ophthalmogoist who runs a clinic every Thursday morning.

  •      Lipids (High cholesterol) management
    •       We aim to control the lipids tightly in diabetic patients as suggested by the available clinical evidence. Furthermore, we deal with         isolated problem of high cholestrol and raised blood presure.

  •      Hypertension (High blood pressure) management
    •        We follow NICE targets for blood pressure control in our diabetic patients. We also have the expertise of treating familial and secondary        hypertension.

  •      We are recruiting Type 1 Diabetics for DAFNE training (1st of its nature in Pakistan)
    •        Currently we are in the process of recruting type 1 diabetes patients for DAFNE training. This will enable them to adjust their insulin to        what they eat and give them flexibility in their lives.

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