Community Worker Program

Community Worker Program

Diabetes is a complicated non-communicable disease that can cause serious problems to the heart, eyes and kidneys which can ultimately cause death or injury. About half of the patients with diabetes in Pakistan are not even aware about the disease. Therefore our community outreach programme is a permanent feature of our fight against diabetes, in addition to the AIMS Diabetes Hospital.

The Community Workers Program (CWP) was initiated during 2015 by AIMS Pakistan, in order to spread awareness among people regarding diabetes and the services being provided at the AIMS Hospital. One of the project’s outcomes is to increase OPD to at least 100 patients per day (currently at 13/day). Initially, the CWP was launched in all 92 Union Councils of Peshawar. In the pilot phase, it was limited to Town III only. Later it was expanded to entire district. During this program, Worker units have been established in all UCs of Peshawar.

These workers interact with diabetes patients in their locality on regular basis and provide information and counseling about diabetes care. They also spread information about the AIMS Diabetes Hospital through people and patients that attend the sessions. Volunteers also enlist diabetes patients in their locality and arrange their visit to AIMS Hospital through its shuttle service.

A monthly review and planning session is organized for volunteers at AIMS Diabetes Hospital, during which their performance is analyzed. There is a Town Supervisor in each cluster of UCs who reports to a Technical Lead on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The program is headed by the Directors of Community Outreach, Mr. Firdous Khan and Dr. Ayaz. 


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