About AIMS Pakistan

Abaseen Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) is a charity operating in the Northern regions of Pakistan. Doctors as well as other professionals organised themselves as AIMS in 1995. Their main aim was to ‘pool up resources for healthcare development in Pakistan with the help of both the public and private sectors’.


As time has passed, the objectives have become more succinct; currently we aim to


  • Provide top quality medical treatment and develop curative strategies for those who cannot afford Click here..
  • Integrate medical education, training and research into the program Click here..
  • Implement community health awareness and disease prevention strategies Click here..


Click here for more information about our history and the people behind AIMS.

Diabetes Hospital

Educating the next generation of nurses and doctors is vital for the betterment of society.


In addition to the regular health camps held in various villages across the District of Peshawar and beyond, other events are also held to engage with the community

Diabetes Community Program

AIMS are currently setting up multiple volunteer units across Peshawar to assist in the Primary Care level activities.

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